What is your student/teacher ratio?
We strive to keep our student/teacher ratio low so that each child can be known and cared for as an individual. Our ratio ranges from 12:2 to 16:2 depending on age.

How can parents get involved at MHS?
In addition to the parent education component of Maggy Haves programs, there are a number of volunteer opportunities for families including school beautification day, field trip chaperoning and driving, “lunch parent” sign-ups where parents spend lunch time assisting with preschool groups, and we are always happy to utilize parents as resources for learning opportunities, such as cooking, crafts, animals, and special visits that are relevant to children’s interests.

What is the organizational structure of the school?
The Maggy Haves School is comprised of a Director, Administrative Staff, and Teachers. We are a non-profit school governed by a board of trustees made up of educators,  alumni parents, and current parents and staff.

Can you tell us more about your staff and teachers?
Our teachers have educational backgrounds in child development and early childhood education, and have extensive experience working in preschool environments. We have low turnover, as many Maggy Haves teachers have devoted the majority of their career to our special school. We have a number of teachers who have been parents at the school, as well as many long-term staff members.

Where do Maggy Haves graduates attend elementary school?
Our graduates have attended a variety of elementary schools in recent years, including the following:

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