All prospective families must tour Maggy Haves School prior to application.
Please call the Admissions Office at (818) 763-8359 to schedule a tour.


Admissions are open and enrolling for all programs at Maggy Haves School.
Toddler & Me begins in September or February.
Preschool begins in September only.

Tuition Schedule for the 2019-2020 School Year

Toddler & Me

Fall (Sept – Jan) Spring (Feb – July)
Fri 18 – 24 months 1 day per week 2 – 3:45pm $760 $912
T/Th 19 – 25 months 2 days per week 2 – 4pm $1520 $1824
M/W 26 – 32 months 2 days per week 2 – 4pm $1520 $1824


Morning Circle Room, Square Room, and Triangle Room tuition is based on an 11 month school year, September through July.

Afternoon Circle Room tuition is based on a 6 month school year, February through July.

Two payment plans are available as detailed in the enrollment contract.

age 3 circle room (afternoon) Mon – Thur 1:30pm – 4:30pm $6,100
age 3 circle room (morning) Mon – Fri 9am – 12:00pm $12,441
age 4 square room Mon – Fri 9am – 12:30pm $14,525
age 5 squareroom Mon – Fri 9am – 1pm $16,610


circle and  squareRoomers square Roomers
Pick up by 1:30pm
(e.g. every Monday)
$12/day $6/day
Pick up between 1:30 – 3:00pm
(e.g. every Monday)
$25/day $20/day
Pick up between 3:00 – 4:00pm
(e.g. every Monday)
$35/day $30/day


Application Fee Non-refundable for Toddler & Me and Preschool (one-time fee) $50
Enrollment Fee Payable upon entrance into Preschool (one-time fee) $400
Insurance Coverage Fee* For Preschool (annual) $100
Earthquake Preparedness Fee For Preschool (annual) $50

*Insurance coverage fee is subject to change depending on our insurance premiums.

Financial Aid

Preschool scholarship applications are available through the Admissions Office.

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